Professional Website

This is my professional website that includes an educational technology blog, a portfolio area, a few tutorials, and specific media pages on Paris and Hanoi. Currently a major redesign is happening. By January 2015 the redesign will be complete. I can only work on this site with random bits of stolen time. The link below is simply dummy code. I may or may not use the button in the future.

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September 2014 Update

This website is currently undergoing a major redesign. Some material will be organized differently and better. Other material will be thrown away. And some new features will be added.

Work in Progress

I currently anticipate that the redesign process will last until January 2015. There is a limited number of hours I can spend on a personal website per week. My overall objective is to make the website more user-friendly by using much less text, and much more multimedia.

PDFs and Reduced Text

In the previous incarnation of this website I used a lot of text. I mean really a lot of text. I’m currently revising pages, and content within pages, so the text-heavy portions are now collated into PDFs one can download. Initially the formatting of these PDFs will be a bit awkward due to the transition from web-to-paper factors.

The Beauty of Audio Stories

I’ll be adding a lot of audio via SoundCloud to this website over time. I’m becoming more enamored with audio storytelling and interviews. Some of those projects I’ll bring to this website. Aside: I’m conducting a number of pedagogical interviews with faculty at USF that are showing up at the Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Lounge website.

Video for Stories and Tutorials

One result of the website redesign is it will be much easier to locate relevant videos and screencasts. Right now the most obvious place to find some videos is on the Paris and Hanoi pages. But there are some videos in the Tutorials section with many more to come in 2015.

Portfolio Mini-Website

I’ll focus on the Portfolio section last: this will be an independent mini-website that will reflect the kind of content and structure we want future students in the Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning online program to build as a capstone project.

Future Sidebar

Special support and instructions are included in this sidebar area. Right now I’m just making some stuff up so you see what might appear in the sidebar by January 2015.

Sidebar Navigation

There’s a special side navigation option for this page. Hover over the icon bar at the far-right of your page. Out will pop various chapter options. Click on the text name. (Clicking on the icons does not work.)

My Favorite Apps

For creating multimedia my favorite apps are listed below.

Email & Social Media (alternate)

Feel free to contact me via email, or to visit one of my social media sites.