Paris Soundscape 2015

Imagine you are padding around the streets of Paris in the summer. What are some of the sounds you might come across? The 45 minute soundscape below shares some of the street sounds you would hear. Not all of the sounds are ambient: there's lots of free music in the air during June. Read more ...


YellowTec iXm Recording Mic

About two years ago I purchased a YellowTec all-in-one recording microphone. Previously I had used a similar mic, the now-defunct HHB Flashmic. I find the YellowTec iXm mic to be perfect for doing interviews in non-studio situations. Recently the price of the iXm “package” (includes pouch, windscreen, wifi SD card, and mic holder) went down by about 25%. This is probably the best, and most affordable, time to every purchase an iXm. Read more ...


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