Paris Soundscape 2015

Imagine you are padding around the streets of Paris in the summer. What are some of the sounds you might come across? The 45 minute soundscape below shares some of the street sounds you would hear. Not all of the sounds are ambient: there's lots of free music in the air during June.

Why create a soundscape? I was interested in trying this out mainly as a kind of memory trace: a way to remember some of the key events (both small and large) that we encountered in Paris. But I’ve always been interested in the potential role of audio-only, rather than photographs, to create a personalized journal of experience. Plus I got to learn how to do some new things in audio mixing with Hindenburg Journalist. :)

This audio in not intended to be listened to like a music CD. It's background listening: perhaps while you're washing dishes, folding laundry, and that sort of thing. It’s a walking tour through the sounds encountered on the streets of Paris.

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