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I have begun a major redesign of this website. Some old pages have gone away or are simply hidden. Some new pages emerged. And the whole thing is getting a major facelift. Due to my work schedule the redesign of this website will take some time.

Learning & Instruction Department
School of Education
Center for Teaching Excellence
Digital Technologies for Teaching & Learning (DTTL)
School of Education

I have been at the University of San Francisco for over 20 years. Currently I serve in three different capacities (see details below).

Cognitive Psychology

Spring 2015 Semester

The Cognitive Psychology course provides an overview of some of the most important research in educational psychology over the past 25 years. We explore a subset of cognitive psychology research: the body of research exploring effective learning strategies. Overall the course provides instruction in three areas: strategies for learning, thinking like a researcher, and making connections between theory and practice.

More detail is provided in the course syllabus.

Cognition Syllabus PDF

Multimedia Learning

Fall 2015 Semester

A doctoral course that explores the research and practice of multimedia learning practices.

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It’s easy to get to my office when you’ve been there once. It’s much more difficult the first time around. I tried using written instructions, but too many folks ended up lost. So I created this slightly cheesy video showing how to walk to my office (assuming you are starting at USF’s School of Education).

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