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I have begun a major redesign of this website. Some old pages have gone away or are simply hidden. Some new pages emerged. And the whole thing is getting a major facelift. Due to my work schedule the redesign of this website will take some time.


CTE Co-Director

DTTL Program Director

Cognitive Psychology

Spring 2015 Semester

The Cognitive Psychology course provides an overview of some of the most important research in educational psychology over the past 25 years. We explore a subset of cognitive psychology research: the body of research exploring effective learning strategies. Overall the course provides instruction in three areas: strategies for learning, thinking like a researcher, and making connections between theory and practice.

More detail is provided in the course syllabus.

Cognition Syllabus

Multimedia Learning

Fall 2015 Semester

The Multimedia Learning course balances the need for students to develop both a research-based understanding combined with the practical skills necessary for working in multimedia learning environments. A student in this course should expect to develop both a deeper understanding and a better skill set. However, to become an expert in the area of multimedia learning would take much more reading and practice than can be accomplished in a one semester course.

There are three learning foci for this course: (1) expanding research knowledge about multimedia learning, (2) exploring the pedagogical implications of multimedia, and (3) developing new instructional multimedia skills. xplores the research and practice of multimedia learning practices.

The syllabus for the course will be ready to download by August 1, 2015.

Multimedia Learning syllabus (disabled)


Vimeo is where I post all my instructional videos. Some of these are conceptual in nature, many are about how to do it with various software products.


SoundCloud is YouTube/Vimeo for audio. I love the features they offer from playlists, to in-context commenting, and more. I’ve posted a lot of faculty interviews at the CTE SoundCloud account. I’m slowly building up my academic presentations and other audio on my personal account.


I’ve ignored Flickr for too long. It’s a fantastic service. I use it for sharing photos, but it also makes including photos on my websites a breeze as Flickr auto-creates various sizes of any image I upload (e.g. auto-creation of thumbnail images). About ready to become a Flickr power-user.


I don’t tweet that often, but I read other tweets a lot. I mainly use Twitter to keep up with news: in the world in general, with multimedia products, and with educational trends.

Getting to My Office

Getting to my office is easy after you’ve been there once. The first time, however, can be very difficult. Since written directions never seemed to work, I created the video below to show how to walk to my office (assuming you are already at the USF School of Education).