Professional Website

This is my professional website that includes an educational technology blog, a portfolio area, a few tutorials, and specific media pages on Paris and Hanoi. Currently a major redesign is happening. By January 2015 the redesign will be complete. I can only work on this site with random bits of stolen time. The link below is simply dummy code. I may or may not use the button in the future.

Depending on the time of year I’m typically located in one of three places across the globe. Most of the time I’m in San Francisco, but for about 20% of the year I’m located in Paris, and for 5% of year year located in Hanoi.

Getting to My Office

It’s easy to get to my office when you’ve been there once. It’s much more difficult the first time around. I tried using written instructions, but too many folks ended up lost. So I created this slightly cheesy video showing how to walk to my office (assuming you are starting at USF’s School of Education).