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This is my professional website that includes a educational technology blog, portfolio area, tutorials, and specific media pages on Paris and Hanoi. Currently a major redesign is happening. By December 2104 the redesign will be complete. (I can only work on this site with random bits of stolen time.)

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September 2014 Update

This website is currently undergoing a major redesign. Some material will be organized differently and better. Other material will be thrown away. And some new features will be added.

I currently anticipate that the redesign process will last until January. There is a limited number of hours I can spend on a personal website per week. In particular I’ll focus on the Portfolio section first: this will be an independent mini-website that will reflect the kind of content and structure we want future students in the Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning online program to build as a capstone project.

Mathew’s Blog has started and will slowly add on new entries: mainly about various aspects of educational technology.

Worldwide Offices Demo

A couple different examples of how to display my major work locations. I’ll be adding maps, weather, other stuff to this page over time.

Weather Forecasts

The upcoming weather for three key locations.


I use social media, but don’t use the big F. You can check out videos, audio, and images.

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Visual Modeling

My current favorite software tools for creating visual models of all sorts (general diagrams, concept maps, and more). All apps are Mac-only unless otherwise indicated.


The most exciting and useful Markdown tools I’m using. All tools are for writing except Deckset which creates presentation from Markdown files. All apps are Mac-only unless otherwise indicated.

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