This website is woefully out-of-date and needs a refresh. That needed "refresh" will be done in May/June 2016.


I currently wear several hats, all at the University of San Francisco. See the hats below.


Learning & Instruction Department
School of Education
phone: 415-422-2794
website: Learning & Instruction doctoral program

Co-Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

CTE official webpage
CTE Faculty Lounge

Program Director, DTTL Masters Program

DTTL Masters Program website


Getting to my office is easy after you’ve been there once. The first time, however, can be very difficult. Since written directions never seemed to work, I created the video below to show how to walk to my office (assuming you are already at the USF School of Education).

L&I Doctoral Program

I'll be adding basic info and links about the Learning & Instruction doctoral program in the near future.


  • add L&I curriculum SVG
  • add link to USF site

DTTL Masters Program

I'll be adding basic info and links regarding the DTTL masters program. DTTL = Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning.


  • add link to USF site
  • add 8 week hybrid format SVG
  • add curriculum SVG